SDCC Flight Team - "Monday: January 14, 2013"
> SDCC Flight Team: Monday: January 14, 2013

Monday: January 14, 2013

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Following months of planning, fund-raising and training, the first to leave early Monday morning, were Coach Titus Dinkins and six of our team that were not flying to Salinas. They drove 7 hours in our SDCC Van. God provided such amazing weather for the ferry flights from San Diego to Salinas. Mike Elm and Jenna Sims led the pack of 4 aircraft in N5291E. Alexander Closs and Sean Conlan flew the Piper Archer, N168F. Kayla Harder and Col Steve Geary were to follow but decided to wait until Tuesday while a maintenance repair on our newest competition aircraft Cessna 96J ("Juliet") was fixed. Each aircraft flew over 4 hours to get to Salinas, with a stop in Camarillo for fuel. We could not have had better weather, as it was blue skies for the entire route!

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