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SAFECON 2012 Awards

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 Saturday May 19 - Awards (Breaking News...)

This just in: San Diego Christian College wins 18th in National College Flying Championships

We are fixin' to leave for San Diego after 10 days on the road and tough Kansas competition. We competed against other pilots but we also competed against the weather and guess who won? They don't call the wind Mariah for nothing! Although some events were shortened, the results are in and San Diego Christian College met our goal to break into the "teens" on national ranking.

2009 = 24th
2010 = 23rd
2011 = 22nd


2012 = 18th!!!

We came in right behind Liberty and LeTourneau University in 18th place. At the opening ceremonies Flight Team Captain-elect Dylan Jones concluded our "roll call chant" of "I Believe We Will Win" with a postscript: "18th Place" - and so it is. How ironic.

There was a severe thunderstorm watch yesterday just as the awards banquet was about to start so Captain Jeff Satterwhite (SDCC Coach), Titus and I went to the airport and moved the planes into the hangar. We did that to avoid possible hail damage that would have extended our 10-day road trip for an indefinite period.

With planes safe, we slept better and this morning at 0430 San Diego time we left the hotel for the airport to preflight the planes and get underway.

Posted here are the results of SAFECON 2012 . We will recap SDCC's successes in a later update. Please pray for safe flights, low headwinds and safe road travel for Titus and the pilots in the van for a 22-hour drive to San Diego.

Thanks to Captain Jill and Steve Geary for their incredible assistance at all levels and to Titus Dinkins for his indefatigable leadership and energy while organizing and inspiring our pilots! Captain Jeff Satterwhite, an American B-777 captain volunteers to coach our team but he is also here as a NIFA judge. Thanks to all our supporters, donors and for those who prayed for our safety and success. God Bless you!

Captain Denny Breslin

 SAFECON 2012 Awards Team 


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