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Electronic Journals Service (EJS)

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Under Find Articles | Search for Periodical Titles on the library webpage you might have seen a link for Electronic Journals Service. EJS helps the library manage the single passwords to online subscriptions that come with having print subscriptions to certain journals.

Currently, there are 57 journals (from SDCC & SCS) that include an online subscription (usually through the publisher’s website).

You will need to log in to EJS using your Student Network Account. When you select a journal & you click your way to the publisher’s website, the username & password will be on a banner on the top of the screen. Use this to log in to the website and access the full text.

Please note: the 57 journals full text availability is not listed in the Periodicals Directory at this time. There are still some technical issues that we have to resolve.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact the library by calling 619-441-2200 x1227 or by email

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