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New and Improved Scripture searching in ATLA Religion Db with ATLASerials!

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This just in from EBSCO (who brings us the ATLA Religion Db with ATLASerials).  They have improved the Scripture searching feature of ATLASerials. 

"With the new authority file, users can browse the books of the bible in canonical order and drill down to the chapter, then verse level. Selecting an entry at the book, chapter, or verse level will execute a search for all records indexed with that book, chapter or verse.  EBSCO has also added an expanded scripture reference searching for records indexed with a scripture range. 

For example, if a user selects Acts in the new scripture authority and drills down through Chapter 1 and elects to search Verse 5, they will return records indexed with Acts 1:5, as well as records indexed with Acts 1:1-11 or Acts 1:1-15:35. .... The old way was a a flat scripture authority file that displayed scripture references in alphabetical order and required users to search for exact scripture references indexed in a given citation."

Go to  ATLA Religion Db with ATLASerials & login.  Click on the Scripture link (blue bar on top of page).  This will open the ATLA Hierarchical Scripture Authority file.  If you click on the book of the Bible, e.g. Genesis, the database will search for all articles that are indexed for Genesis.  Clicking on [Expand] will take you to more specific chapters, then verses of Genesis.  This updated search automatically includes the ranges of Scripture contained within your verse selection.

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