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AA (Associate of Arts), BA (Bachelor of Arts), BS (Bachelor of Science) 
Recent high school graduates or college transfer students interested in a dynamic Christian college experience during traditional daytime hours. 

Online Undergraduate Program (AA, BA, BS)  

Adults ages 20 and above, seeking to complete their educational goals through online degree programs. 

Adult & Professional Studies (AA, BA, BS)  

Adults ages 20 and above, seeking to complete their education goal through a one-night-per week class schedule. A great fit for individuals with fulltime commitments. 
Recent high school graduates desiring to participate in a 16-month, interdisciplinary, biblical worldview program on SDCC’s Minnesota campus. 
College graduates seeking to qualify for a California Preliminary Credential for Multiple Subjects (elementary education) or for Single Subjects (secondary education). 
School teachers, counselors, psychologists and administrators as well as licensed professional clinical and college counselors seeking professional development opportunities in an online environment.
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