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The Christian Ministries program will provide students with knowledge and skills in the various areas of ministry opportunities in the Christian community. The two year program is designed to highlight leadership, Bible and theology, as well as other ministry elements such as worship, education, evangelism, counseling, and discipleship. This degree opportunity will prepare the adult learner to impact the community in leadership roles in church ministries and other faith-based community ministries.

Course Requirements for Christian Ministries Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries
Will require a minimum of 124 credit hours: 

48 Required Core credit hours in Christian Ministries
54 General Education Credit hours
22 Elective credit hours 

Course: Credits

Core Requirements for Christian Ministries Majors

PD 340 Adult Development & Life Planning: 3
CM 310 Biblical Foundations for Ministry: 3
CM 320 Evangelism & 21st Century Church: 3
CM 330 Communication for Ministry: 3
CM 340 Worship: 3
CM 410 Discipleship and Leadership: 3
CM 440 Counseling for Ministry: 3
CM 460 Educational Ministry: 3
CM 498 Ministry Internship I: 3
CM 499 Ministry Internship II: 3
BI 392 Servant Leadership: 3
BI 393 Historical Perspectives of the Gospels: 3
BI 394 Interpreting the Old Testament: 3
BI 440 Interpreting Romans: 3
TH 310 Contemporary Issues in Theology: 3
SCI 302 Scientific Models of Origin:  3

General Education Requirements to complete Bachelor degree

Critical Thinking/Communication (12 credits)
EN 101 English Composition I: 3
EN 102 English Composition II: 3
COM 102 Public Speaking: 3
Humanities (12 credits) 
Sciences (12 credits)
Math: 3
Computer: 3
Science: 3
Science/Math/Computer Elective: 3
Social Science (12 credits)
History: 3
Social Science: 3
History/Social Science Elective: 6
Liberal Arts: 9
Electives: 22

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