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Every day the business world is becoming more complex and competitive.  Technology has placed the entire world within reach, and astute managers are capitalizing on the vast opportunities now available on a global scale.  More than ever before, businesses are seeking people who have the knowledge, skills, and vision to excel in this rapidly changing business environment. The Business Management major focuses on the skills needed for general supervision and management in a fast-paced global economy. The business curriculum prepares a student, both academically and spiritually to make an impact for Christ in business leadership.

Course Requirements for Business Management Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Business Management
will require a minimum of 124 credit hours: 

48 Required Core credit hours in Business Management
54 General Education credit hours
22 Elective credit hours 

Course: Credits

Core Requirements for Business Management Majors

PD 340 Adult Development and Life Planning: 3
BMGT 315 Principles of Management and Supervision: 3
BMGT 351 Communication Concepts in Business: 3
BMGT 395 Marketing Foundations: 3
BMGT 435 Leadership and Organizational Change: 3
BMGT 460 Human Resource Management: 3
BMGT 475 Financial Analysis in Organizations: 3
PHIL 492 Values and Ethics: 3
RSH 480 Applied Statistics: 3
RSH 481 Research I:
Laying the Framework and Literature Review: 3
RSH 482 Research II: Objectives, Alternatives & Data Collection Plan: 3
RSH 483 Research III: Conclusions and Recommendations: 3
SCI 302 Scientific Models of Origins: 3
BI 391 Biblical Perspectives: 3
BI 392 Servant Leadership: 3
BI 393 Historical Perspectives of the Gospels: 3

General Education Requirements to complete Bachelor degree

Critical Thinking/Communication (12 credits)
EN 101 English Composition I: 3
EN 102 English Composition II: 3
COM 102 Public Speaking: 3
Humanities (12 credits) 
Sciences (12 credits)
Math: 3
Computer: 3
Science: 3
Science/Math/Computer Elective: 3
Social Science (12 credits)
History: 3
Social Science: 3
History/Social Science Elective: 6
Liberal Arts: 9
Electives: 22
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